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We use Reverse Osmosis to produce the best tasting purified water you’ll find – the way Nature intended – JUST WATER! Our ice is made with this same great water – what a difference! Crystal clear cubes and no chemical after taste added to your drinks or iced tea. We also have alkaline water and ozonated water for particular tastes and needs.

What are you drinking?

Come check us out and take home a free gallon to try for yourself (new customers, please). We think you’ll be impressed!

Water purification process at WaterSource in Littleton, CO.

Our Purification Process

Our process uses multiple stages of purification including reverse osmosis. We are able to remove particles down to 1/1000 of a micron which includes chlorine, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals. Many of these cannot be removed by public water treatment systems. Our process makes the purest, best tasting water you’ll find.

Our Products & Services

We provide our customers with great purified water, in our store, and we also deliver to businesses in the Littleton area.
Purified Water

Water purified using Reverse Osmosis. We filter down to 1/1000 of a micron.

Ozonated Water

Ozone added to our purified Water. Ozone is a strong disinfectant. Some customers love the slightly tangy taste.

Alkaline/Ionized Water

Our purified water runs through our Tyent® ionizing system where calcium and magensium is added back to the water and pH is brought up to 9.5.

Purified Ice

We make our ice only with our Purified Water. Leaves no residue or chlorine flavor in your drinks.

Dietary Minerals

We carry several dietary mineral options for maximizing your health and well-being.

Chlorine Filters for Bath or Shower

Some of the chlorine in heated shower or bath water vaporizes and is breathed in. It also dries out your hair and can make skin itchy. Our filters remove most of the chlorine so you can feel clean without the hazards of chlorine.

Storage & Drinking Bottles

We carry bottles in several types of plastics including BPA-free, and we have guaranteed lead-free glass. Sizes range from 5-gallon bottles for storage or to put on your cooler down to 1-liter personal drinking bottles.

Beautiful Crocks & Stands

Our crocks are all guaranteed lead-free and safe for drinking water. Our wood stands come in several colors and our metal stands have room for storing one or two bottles underneath.

Water Coolers by Clover ©

We carry coolers by Clover with 100% stainless steel tanks and tubing so that no metal leaches into your water.

Water News

Purified Water Blog | Why Drink Purified Water

Why Drink Purified Water?

Drinking our Reverse Osmosis purified water is the best option over drinking just water. The problem with tap water arises from the fact that public water treatment systems can’t remove some of the contaminants found in the water they treat.

Tap water contains small amounts of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fertilizers and other organic compounds that water treatment plants cannot remove due to cost. Over time consumption of these chemicals may pose a risk to our health. In addition, tap water contains many minerals – some of which are not harmful at all, and others which are toxic even at small concentrations.

Purification removes all of the contaminants. Drinking our purified water means that you are drinking FRESH, CLEAN WATER! And it TASTES GREAT!

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